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June 30, 2012 1 comment

Sorry for the cranial flatulence. I plan to leave for Ecuador on Sept. 4.

Thanks, cousins, for the question.



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Itchy Parts

June 30, 2012 4 comments

I’m getting itchy feet!

My tentative departure date from Flagstaff, AZ, to Cuenca, Ecuador, is July 4.

At the moment, I’m waiting for all the parts of the puzzle to click together. These mostly involve the various bureaucratic hoops I need to jump through in order to get more than that standard, and automatic, 90-day tourist visa.

I’m aiming for a 180-day retiree visa, which will be renewable (in Ecuador) for two year-long visa and then status as a resident alien. I don’t know if I’ll be staying in Ecuador that long, but it seems best to start out seeking the most time possible.

So far, this has involved:

  • Getting a report from the Flagstaff Police Department of my virginal legal record. (It’s nice to be a virgin again).
  • A report from Social Security of my monthly benefits. The minimum amount, for Ecuador, is $800/month. I’ve got that.
  • A report from my bank showing at least a $1,000 balance. This is a rarity, but sister Nancy and I are making that happen.
  • All of the above must be notarized.

Then …….

All of this needs to be apostilled. Well, this is a new word for me (and I have a 14,000-word vocabulary, according to a test I took). Luckily, a representative of the Ecuadorean consulate in Phoenix told me that apostillization (sounds painful) would be performed by the offices of the Secretary of State of Arizona (the same guy who questioned Obama’s citizenship, I hear). So, I went to that website to find out what THAT entails. It seems just another hoop, notarization atop notarization.

Therefore, on July 18, Nancy and I will journey down the mountain from Flagstaff to Phoenix (at this time of year, otherwise known as HELL). I’ll go first to the Secretary of State, then to the Ecuadorian consulate.

The visa I’m seeking is the 12-IX, which is for 180 days. Once in Ecuador, I’ll apply for the 9-1, which will make me a permanent resident of Ecuador. We’ll see …

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Back from the East

June 5, 2012 1 comment

It’s 12:39 p.m. and I’m in my Flagstaff, AZ. It’s at the corner table in bar of Monsoon’s on the Rim, where I enjoy sipping a bourbon-and-soda, reading/writing and catching CNN out of the corner of my eye. I’ve come here often since Oct. 2010 and the place feels like home.

I’m just getting back to my routine of things after getting back to Flag after a two-week trip visiting friends and family on the East Coast. Sister Nancy and I started the journey in Phoenix, flying via Southwest to Raleigh-Durham.  After that it was lots of driving to Charleston (SC), Edenton (NC), Yorktown (VA), Columbia (MD), Alexandria (VA), Strasborg (PA), Princeton (WV), then back to Raleigh-Durham for the flight home.

I’ll have more on all of this as I write in the next few days. For now, two bests.

Best food: Nancy and I had fabulous munching all long, but we were astounded by the vegetable plate we shared at the Boulevard Diner in Mount Pleasant, SC.  It’s probably because we’d been away from Southern food for a while, but the greens, summer squash, mashed potatoes and speckled butter beans were like ambrosia!

Best experience: Sitting on a front porch in a hollow below Athens, WV, listening to my granddaughter Cat play a Celtic tune on the violin. I darn-near feel apart because it was so beautiful. My cousin, Marie, did and had to rush inside for a tissue. Thank you cousin Joe Earl for such a special moment. Thank you, Cat, for being who you are.

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